LandMaster Electric & Hybrid Utility Vehicles
(EUV & Hybrid)



Welcome to the American SportWorks LandMaster electric utility vehicle

Recognising a distinct gap in the current ATV & UTV offerings, Loaded DOG Systems and American SportWorks are offering the LandMaster EUV - LSV ( low speed electric vehicle)

The American SportWorks LandMaster EUV combines the best of all options.  Built with a powerful 48-volt electric motor, cost effective to purchase and operate, being safe, compliant & flexible and with many options & accessories available to order & fit. This is the complete utility vehicle, load transporter, people mover, spray unit, security patrol vehicle, towing platform or mobile toolbox !  Narrow enough to operate on tight paths or internal corridors, zero emissions for indoor operations, dual speed modes to enable safe operation around people or equipment, and fast enough for transiting to sites safely, with full operating lights & indicators for safe operation, or for conditional registration if needed.


Let us assist your business in conducting a comprehensive Fleet Audit to compare the operating performance, safety aspects, complete cost and vehicle applications of your current & future needs. The American SportWorks range is very extensive, ranging from 150cc light duty runabouts, to the range topping 650cc 4x4 Crew Cab petrol engine utility vehicles, with all options in between. Innovation is always paramount and the soon to be released first ever Hybrid UTV, the 48 volt/650 Hybrid Dual Cab 4x4 will give you the range & power, with quiet clean green flexibility, cost effective safe operation & rewarding service, all in one tough vehicle. 

 The major advantage outside of the 100% full electric operation, and the OH&S benefits of using the LandMaster EUV in enclosed environments, with a range of 35km, is the tipping tray and the unique width of only 1.20meters wide, enabling the vehicles to access many narrow walkways, driving between bollards, industrial doors and many fixed obstacles. If the steel tray with flip seat option is selected, it will carry any selected loads and then convert to a 4 seat people transport vehicle in 30seconds, adding increased functionality, flexibility & cost effectiveness to the purchase and operational use

 With normal use, the EUV's carrying capacity is 400lb or 181kg ( total vehicle capacity 900lb or 406kg ), but there is capacity in reserve ( safety factor for general use) . As some use would require constant heavy loads ( 200kg+ ) we can option the EUV's with the new heavy duty shocks package as a cost option for the higher capacity. This would enable the EUV's to be set up for a 250kg load capacity in the tray, and maintain the 1/2ton towing ability

Also of interest to owners should be the ability to have all the units obtain their state's conditional registration, depending on their needs. This would be vital if the units were to be used outside boundries and on public land, parks and roads.


Emergency LED flashing and works lighting systems can be arranged & fitted as needed. Body or load carrying custom fabrication can also be arranged as required to meet customer needs.


LandMaster EUV set up & price list


LandMaster EUV  poly tray = $13,990 

LandMaster EUV  Steel tray with flip seat ( can option steel tray w/out flip seat ) = $14,490 


Color options

Red, Green, White, Black, Camo.


Roll cage standard

Head rests standard

3 point seat belts standard

Rear tow hitch standard

Headlights standard

Front & rear indicators standard

Brake lights standard

Dual speed mode switch standard

Horn standard

Rear view mirrors (x2) standard

Under seat storage tray standard

Glove box standard


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